Our family……….

We are a Yorkshire  family of four:- mum , dad, J ( aged 4 years – no ‘ formal’ diagnosis of  Asperger’s syndrome as yet, but  professionals involved ( apart from most of J’s teachers) believe him to be on the high functioning end of the ASD  spectrum and he  ticks all the boxes for Asperger’s. How long it will take for this diagnosis to be made formal is unknown- we are currently on a 12-18 month waiting list for CAMHS assessment and educational psychology have said they could diagnose  if ‘ they felt it necessary.’ – so clearly they don’t at the present time. It is rare for a child as young as J to receive a diagnosis of Asperger’s anyway, as the average age of diagnosis is aged 6-8. But there is little doubt and he is having strategies put in place to help him as though he has this magical ‘formal’ diagnosis) and M aged 2 and a half, who is a very special little lady with the patience of a saint , wisdom beyond her tender years and a passion for shoes that puts Imelda Markos to shame!

Aside from the humans there are :- 3 dogs, 8 cats ( Magic and Mayhem are J’s own kittens), 2 rabbits, 2 terrapins and 3 fish.

Update:- M was diagnosed with a stammer on the 17th January- we are doing all we can to help her.J was formally diagnosed by a private clinical psychologist on the 19th January. he has Asperger’s Syndrome- it did not come as a shock.


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N.B. the title of this blog comes from my son’s very literal understanding of ‘ magic carpet ride’ ….. he believes this to be a ‘car pit’ ( as in ‘ sand pit’) and demonstrates this with a plastic lid and toy car. The magic comes in when the toy car is covered with the lid and it disappears!

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