What an amazing book!

It is rare I have the chance to a) read and b) read a work of fiction. But recently, reading has become my ‘escape’ and my means of dropping off to sleep on a night when my brain is in overdrive. This came highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint.It was well written, gave a real understanding of Asperger’s, had me laughing , crying and nodding in agreement to so many of the main character’s little ways and unique way of seeing the world. Although the subject matter is a tough one ( the main (AS) character is accused of murder and it has moments of frustration and terrible sadness and utter despair… Jodi Picoult never fails to inspire hope in her characters or her reader. Fabulous book:)


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N.B. the title of this blog comes from my son’s very literal understanding of ‘ magic carpet ride’ ….. he believes this to be a ‘car pit’ ( as in ‘ sand pit’) and demonstrates this with a plastic lid and toy car. The magic comes in when the toy car is covered with the lid and it disappears!

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