Another challenging day but this makes it worth it…..

The last few days have been so tiring and challenging with J and I don’t know what was so different from this week compared to last week… apart from daddy being on holiday this week , but he has known about this for weeks:(

He has argued, shouted , screamed, hit, kicked and thrown things across the room because he can’t fasten his shoes, he has pressed on too hard on a Thomas picture and the pen went through, because the sun is too bright, the window not open enough, because a sticker fell off his t shirt, because we need to stop on a picnic to eat ( he wanted to just walk and run and run some more!) because his juice bottle top wouldn’t open, because his sister wanted to be ‘shopkeeper’ when playing shops, ….. on and on and we are all drained:(

But the photo above makes it all worth it:) We went to Clumber park today and it just beautiful there. We spent time amongst the trees and M enjoyed finding ‘ coconuts’ (aka known as ‘ Pine cones!’) and making camp fires ( unlit of course!) out of sticks and she loved picking up the dry leaves and throwing them like rain! ( She did at one point comment that she would have preferred to go to Morrisons… all that scenery and freedom and adventure and my little minx misses the  blinking salad bar at a supermarket!)J did alot better after eating- running free and finding bracken and identifying trees. But he has become terrified of flies…. not the big bluebottles or even house flies but the little ‘ midge’ like things and a high pitched screams were a constant companion today. This is the main reason why he was sat on my knee in the pic as he had spotted one near his drink and was VERY unhappy about it.. But i got a lovely cuddle with my boy  ( look at his lovely smile!)whilst consoling him, so every cloud and all that ….:) it is just lovely to see my children being carefree and exploring together. I couldn’t miss out my little lady and she is pictured below, enjoying her sandwich ( her favourite cold, quorn sausages were gone in under a minute!)

In all fairness I still do not think J is sleeping well at all. I know he isn’t having the terrible nightmares he once had ( but I believe these were school related so we will see in September…) but twice  we have heard him talking in the night and  I know when I have been in his bed with him he can be yawning and crying with tiredness but it is like his little mind just won’t let him shut down:( he doesn’t always wake us up either and I am so worried about how he must feel as he looks exhausted. This will only get worse with the stress of school and I cannot force my little man to sleep. Hubby has set up a camera in his room tonight to try and work out what is going on for him as it will be something worth mentioning to the professionals… when we finally get to the front of the queue for formal assessment… roll on 16 or so months… If his sleep pattern does not improve I may have to think of seeing a gp to help him- he can’t function properly for 5 full days of school and the added anxiety that brings.

Before I forget- another positive… j absolutely floored us yesterday by reading ‘ Gaston’s messy cave’ pretty much from cover to cover ( only struggling with a couple of words) and he was definitely reading it, it wasn’t from memory! the text isn’t particularly simple, so we were amazed by his reading skills.,Clever boy….am so glad he gains such pleasure from his books:)


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N.B. the title of this blog comes from my son’s very literal understanding of ‘ magic carpet ride’ ….. he believes this to be a ‘car pit’ ( as in ‘ sand pit’) and demonstrates this with a plastic lid and toy car. The magic comes in when the toy car is covered with the lid and it disappears!

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