6 Good days and then a blip!

Well, as the title suggests J has had 6 amazing days with only a couple of little wobbles. I cannot remember the last time he has been so laid back, stress free and less routine orientated. It has been just wonderful. We have managed busy going on in the local park, events in the library, walking home a different route (!)… even handling the fact there was no 7 up in the house!

Then we were due to go to an event organised by our local Autism support group yesterday ( we have been once before and J loved it.. it is held in a private day nursery but the groups has it to themselves for  couple hours each month.) and we were both looking forward to it and J woke up at 3 am (!) and was reading his books, lights on full blast, counting to 100 and playing with his kittens and I think it was largely due to the fact that he was excited about going. ( wondering now what Christmas will be like…..?looking forward to it though:))

So we arrive and it didn’t ‘ feel right’ and there was no-one I recognised on the ‘ door’ as it were. Then another lady from the same group asked if I knew it was definitely on. ( J stood beside me now and wanting to go in) Long story short… it had been cancelled and only the 2 of us had not been informed. Poor J, he didn’t understand as other kids were going in. The other poor lady had driven over half hour to get there with 2 children on the spectrum. Neither of us were happy about telling our little ones the situation.

I am so hugely proud of the way J handled it… no meltdown, no screaming, just a little disappointed and lip quivering a bit. My poor boy:( We ended up having a lovely time at Oakwell Hall  and went on the big slide ( he loves this) ran all through the nature trail together, enjoyed an ice cream and then bought a couple of ‘ wiggly rubbery’ snakes he fell in love with for him and M in the gift shop. If the same had happened 2 weeks ago, my boy would still be recovering now from the change. I know mistakes happen but you would think the organisers would triple check with regards to informing people of any changes  as children on the spectrum really struggle with , often, even minor changes.


Today, he has been ‘ on the edge’ all day. Sensory issues galore…. sunlight through the window, rolling his head along the sofa, constantly sucking or biting something… his fingers, arms, wrist, watch strap, remote control,… toys …. etc Needing control over mealtimes,any  games played, angry over the littlest things. Shouting , screaming… seems to have a new vocal stim that is basically just a loud, shrill scream. he his hugely into messing around with words too- he gets a real pleasure from over pronouncing words ending with a  ‘k’ and just plain pronouncing words incorrectly.( sometimes he does it for fun, sometimes when grumpy.)


Anyway, he seems to be relaxed again before bed and has enjoyed a couple of foot massages. I am wondering if it is the aftermath of being awake from 3 am yesterday ( I know feel like a zombie today) and / or dealing with the changes in plan yesterday. Also, I have done a bit of my work today ( craft business , based at home.) I haven’t done alot recently because of J and then just feeling so wiped out I haven’t had any creative energy. But I really want to try make some cash towards M’s birthday ( my little lady is nearly 3- I can’t believe it!) and horse riding for J and then I so want to save up some money to try and learn to drive… for our safety more than anything. So I set about getting another of my designs typed up and listed for sale. Both my ‘ babies’ haven’t known mum work for a while and maybe J didn’t handle that very well, despite prior warning. I know M didn’t- she always says she misses mummy.  My craft work aswell as generating a ( very!) small amount of money is also my coping mechanism I think… i drift off and relax with a crochet hook or knitting needles or whilst slaving away over a sewing machine and I think it refreshes me and makes me a better mum. I love showing the things I make to J and M and, of course, making things for them too. They are my greatest inspiration and * cough*  my greatest critics too!


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N.B. the title of this blog comes from my son’s very literal understanding of ‘ magic carpet ride’ ….. he believes this to be a ‘car pit’ ( as in ‘ sand pit’) and demonstrates this with a plastic lid and toy car. The magic comes in when the toy car is covered with the lid and it disappears!

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