Educational Psychologist visit

I had given J alot of warning about her visit or I wasn’t sure he would handle the change in routine very well. It is now with hindsight that I almost wish I hadn’t warned him as he behaved like a perfect angel, even gave more eye contact than he has ever given his teachers, hugged dad on his arrival home ( can count on 1 hand how many times he has done that!) and invited us to play with him! Whilst I am pleased he was in such a calm state of mind for his sake, it was hard to believe he was the same child who only a couple of hours before had been screaming and shouting because I didn’t put his sunglasses on ( J detests strong sunlight- one of many sensory issues) and had hit his little sister for having the nerve to count to 10 with him. Anyway, autism outreach should be getting in touch soon- although probably not until September and school holidays and weekends are the times J finds the most challenging as he is out of his school routine. So we must press on  with the visual timetables and hope these help to ease some of his anxiety. M ( J’s little sister) chose some new shoes yesterday – very ostentatious and we are calling them her ‘ Carmen Miranda’ shoes! Anyway, M and I pick J up from school and M is showing off her new shoes and J asked why she had them and I ( without thinking ) said , ” they are pink with flowers on- they had her name written all over them.” J stared intently at each shoe and said, ” I can’t see her name on them mummy.” ( another ‘ magic car pit’ moment and mum must really think about what she says.)


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N.B. the title of this blog comes from my son’s very literal understanding of ‘ magic carpet ride’ ….. he believes this to be a ‘car pit’ ( as in ‘ sand pit’) and demonstrates this with a plastic lid and toy car. The magic comes in when the toy car is covered with the lid and it disappears!

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